View the 2017 Eclipse from Camp

View the 2017 Eclipse from Camp

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The Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017


Mark Steedly has provided information about the eclipse and made arrangements for 100 pair of protective glasses ($3 each or two for $5) to be available from the Reisers, Camp caretakers. There is limited parking at Camp. Since cell reception is spotty at Camp, please consider downloading or printing information you may need prior to visiting Camp for the eclipse.

Here are some of the best and key websites Mark recommends.
Michael Zeiler’s website. Primary resource for the 2017 solar eclipse. Tons of great information, maps, descriptions, videos, etc.

Main page

Close is not enough

What you will see (awesome)

Eclipse blog and FAQ

Interactive Google Map

Eye safety

NASA’s eclipse websites. Good alternate source for the 2017 solar eclipse. Lots of information and maps on past and future eclipses worldwide.

General eclipse page

Main 2017 eclipse page

Maps and details to download:







Please contact Mark Steedly if you have questions or would like further information. Need to know how to get to Camp? See our Directions page.