About Camp

Tucked in a picturesque valley south of DeSoto, MO, Camp Neotez is a non-profit Christian camp serving primarily school-age students.

The Camp is situated on 225-plus acres of woods, with several cabins and supporting facilities that accommodate over 100 people. Neotez hosts a number of age-based camp sessions every summer where kids have fun, the Bible is taught, Jesus is lived out in the lives of the staff, and friendships are formed that last a lifetime.

History of Camp Neotez

To learn more about Camp Neotez, order your copy of the book, History of Camp Ne-O-Tez, which recounts the years 1963 to 2013 of Camp’s history. Mail your request with a $10 check made payable to Camp Neotez for each copy of the book you would like to 3761 Three Oaks Drive, Bridgeton, MO 63044.

Frequently Asked Questions

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