Volleyball Tournament

Camp Ne-O-Tez Volleyball Tournament

We appreciate your support at the Annual Volleyball Tournament where $4100 was raised for Camp. Congratulations trophy winners: Lil Nuggets, Tonkey Wonks, and Broke College Kids. Check out Camp Facebook page to see the photos and aerial shots from our fun afternoon at the Maryland Heights congregation



2019 – Middle School: Lil Nuggets (McKnight Crossings); All Teen: Tonkey Wonks (Lafayette); Adult: Broke College Kids (Crowley Ridge College)
2018 – Middle School: Whaaales (Fairview Heights); All Teen: Blockhead (Lafayette); Adult: Extreme (Twin City)
2017 – Middle School: Spirits, McKnight; All Teen: Titans, Layfayette; Adults: Millenials, Lafayette
2016 – Middle School: Beavis and Bump-head; All Teen: Finn’s Peeps; Adults: Copperheads